The average Phoenix household spends more than $2,000 a year on energy bills ... nearly half of which goes to heating and cooling. Homeowners can save about 10% of their annual power costs by installing a programmable thermostat and setting it to match your comfort needs. 

Programmable thermostats are intended to deliver savings without sacrificing comfort. The key is to establish a program that automatically reduces heating and cooling in your home when you don’t need as much. 

Which thermostat is right for you?


Wi-Fi  7-Day  Programmable Thermostat

wI-FI 9000

With your home’s Wi-Fi connection, you can control this thermostat from anywhere in the house. Or with the Total Connect Comfort app, you can monitor or control your heating and cooling system with your smartphone from anywhere and anytime you choose. Back home, you’ll like the look of the thermostat’s colorful, high-definition touch screen. Change the color to any you wish. Simple programming and touch-screen input make the Wi-Fi 9000 thermostat easy to set up and intuitive to use.

 - Seven-day programming 
 - Energy savings mode
 - Advanced fan/control comfort 
 - Simple programming 
 - Five-year limited warranty 
 - Professional installationType text here

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Non-Programmable Honeywell Thermostat - Basic



PRO 3000

Our PRO 3000 Non-Programmable Thermostat offers basic operation such as a slide switch for selecting heat, cool or operate the fan. The backlit digital display makes temperature and settings easier to read in various lighting conditions. And with a name like Honeywell, you can expect years of reliable service. 

 - Backlit digital display
 - Basic operation
 - Displays both current and set temperature
 - Five-year warranty

 - Professional installationType text here

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